Our superpower:
agility and scale

It’s what sets us apart.

We have the agility of a fast-moving, privately-owned business, able to customize solutions

We create partnerships that last by bringing the best ideas forward. Our entrepreneurial culture inspires a “can do” attitude, enabling us to act quickly and choose the right products and solutions to help you provide the best care.

Illustration depeciting two people agreeing on a solution together from either side with a thumbs up

Empowering people to act

Our people are empowered to act on their own ideas, work directly with you and solve problems quickly to deliver better outcomes.

Lightbulb in the center depicting innovation

Open innovation

It’s not just about developing new products, it’s about responding to immediate challenges with relevant solutions. We work with you to bring new concepts to life.

Rubiks cube being solved depicting creative problem solving

Creative problem solving

Forget the status quo. Through collaboration, we uncover gaps, discover opportunities and help you through times of crisis.

An open box with a lightening bolt coming out of it

Speed to market

Access to leaders, clinicians and supplies—from raw materials to bedside ready—means shorter cycles and streamlined approval processes.

As a large, independent company, we have the scale to invest in your long-term goals

We’re motivated by your growth, not by Wall Street, and we have the offerings, commitment, risk tolerance and integration to prove it. Our ability to see and respond to the total supply chain—with the understanding that no two customers are alike—is how we’re able to deliver on quality and price. We believe that’s why 95% of customers stay with us.

A grey and blue box with grey dots around it

Breadth of offerings

It’s all about the people and products: 19,000+ clinical and business experts for every market, 300,000+ products and over 700,000+ kits made every day.

Grey shield with blue circle and white dollar sign

Ability to take on risk

We plan ahead for the unexpected, so you’re always covered—protecting you from backorders and outages in the event of a crisis.

Two grey mountains, one with a blue flag at the summit

Long-term commitment

We build partnerships that last. We take the time to get to know your business and priorities, focusing on service, support and your success.

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