Investing an additional $500M in medical supply inventory

Learn how we’re enhancing resiliency amidst industry-wide global supply chain challenges.


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Featured products

We provide more of the essential medical supplies you need to fit every care setting.

box of ReadyFlush Biodegradable Wipes

Clean and moisturize skin with flushable wipes

close-up shot of Sterile ENFit Syringe

Reduce misconnections and improve safety

box of LifeSign Status SARS CoV-2/Flu A&B Test

Test for the flu and COVID-19 at the same time

Supply chain solutions

We work together to create efficiencies that save you time, labor and space.

Our inventory tracking and analytics solutions transform data intelligence into greater supply chain efficiencies and cost savings.

Through inventory planning and design, we optimize people, product, place and process for operational success.

We help you create a more efficient flow of supplies—from distribution center to point of use.

Clinical solutions

With over 200 clinicians on staff, we bring you evidence-based best practices and tools to help solve today’s tough challenges.

Improve outcomes with our holistic approach to skin and wound care.

Fight healthcare-associated infections with a 3-zone strategy covering the full perimeter of risk.

Create a dignified resident experience with the right products and online education.

Our approach to bridging clinical expertise and supply chain efficiency in 4 key areas: Improve care quality, Be the preferred choice, Reduce supply pending and Work more efficiently

We free up the resources you need to deliver your best care

Together, we tackle your top priorities, helping you achieve your long-term goals.

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